We Practice Social Distancing

All attendants must remain 6 feet apart in adherence to COVID safety protocols.

What is F4T?

F4T is a jam-packed blend of circuit and HIIT-style workouts, geared towards the everyday movements of tennis. This signature, tennis-infused workout class is designed to enhance performance and encourage weight loss.

F4T’s founder and tennis pro Andrew prescribed F4T’s workouts to his high-performing players for over 10 years, as it was important for him to provide effective workouts he’d tried and tested. Following this exciting alternative to exercise himself, Andrew lost 20lbs in just 3 months, and also improved his tennis game tremendously.

Andrew said,” My Apple Watch showed that I had burned over 1,000 calories in an hour! Even though I wasn't hitting any balls in my workouts and only playing tennis once a week, I still saw tremendous improvements to my game.”

The Benefits

Get in Shape

Burn tons of calories in just an hour & get to your desired weight.

Enhance Tennis Techniques

Step up your tennis game! Improve your forehand, backhand, volley, serve +more.

Build Strength

Not only will you build muscle, but you’ll also develop endurance & mental strength.

Improve Tennis Movements

Work on your speed, agility, and balance, all key in nurturing a pro player.


Tennis-specific exercises

Coaching from an NASM & USPTA-certified specialist

Weight loss & tennis skill enhancement

Physical & mental strength

Safe & socially distant environment

Local courts in Laguna

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About Andrew

This sport is more than my hobby—it’s my calling. I left my mark on the game as a player in southern California. At my peak, I ranked as the twelfth best junior player in the United States. My tennis career introduced me to some of the best coaches and players in the world, and I’ve continued to hone my skills since.

As much as I love to play, my true passion is fitness combined with tennis. With Fit4Tennis, I offer virtual, personalized training programs for tennis players all over the world. This platform lets me combine my years of experience, crafting workouts with my insider knowledge of professional tennis to help players everywhere win more matches.

As an NASM-certified Performance Enhancement specialist and USPTA-certified trainer, I know how to help you tap into your full athletic potential.

Few sports combine skill, determination, and raw physical ability like tennis. To excel, you must master all three. Let’s find out together how far you can go.


Each class is every Sunday morning from 9 AM PST to 10 AM PST.

Each class is at the Laguna Beach High School Tennis Courts, located at 625 Park Ave, Laguna Beach, CA 92651.

Please make sure you arrive 10 minutes before class to make sure you are properly registered.

Currently, we are only offering adult classes, but hope to introduce junior workout classes soon.

Expect functional training that will improve your forehand, backhand, volleys, and serve. It’ll also help you build endurance, strength, speed, and agility, while making you mentally tough in the process.

A tennis racquet and comfortable sneakers.

We’re 100% committed to your safety and making sure that you are comfortable. All F4T attendants remain 6 feet apart in adherence to COVID safety protocols.

Your first class is completely free. As long as you bring the ticket (sent to your email when you register) then you can join. Upon completion of the class, we can determine a package of classes going forward.

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